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Visionarium Studios believes in the power of entertainment to shape culture and enrich lives.

As a studio, we are committed to carefully choosing to produce entertainment that opens our audience's world, challenges their thinking and carries social, cultural, artistic or educational value.


Center Stage LIVE!

Center Stage Live brings live performance and artistry back to the masses. Carefully curated extraordinary music, theater, gallery installations and more from around the world await our viewers. Our audiences have the best seats in the house and our members get tons of bonus perks available exclusively on our channel.

Madison Paige

Executive Producer

Virtually every positive societal move toward progress has been proceeded or accompanied by the arts. Entertainment is not only a reflection of our culture it is a driver of it. It is with this firm belief that I have created a space for entertaining programming that elevates us as humans, brings us together, deepens our understanding and strives makes the world a better place. 

For more information about any of the programs we have in development or to learn about investment or other strategic opportunities, please contact us directly.

If you believe in what we are working to accomplish, you can support the studio with a TAX EXEMPT contribution through our fiscal sponsor at Fractured Atlas.


To learn more about my endeavors outside of film production, visit my website.